Monday, September 26, 2011

a fabulous Becker-Schwartz weekend

We were supposed to kick off the weekend at the home of one of Caleb's classmates, but our plans were derailed by a stomach virus.  Though I wished Caleb's friend a speedy recovery, and am seriously looking forward to getting to know his mom - a mompreneur who apparently has her own television station about the mom/work/life balancing act - I felt happy that the four of us (me, hubbie, 2 kids) would be on our own, in our new home, for Shabbat dinner that night.  I took a chicken out of the freezer, and stopped by my new favorite Whole Foods to pick up a few other quick goodies on my way to get Adina.  We sang, we ate, we went to bed at 8:30 pm.  Perfection.

I took this leaning out the car window.
We woke up early on Saturday morning; packed our traditional Shabbat picnic lunch of peanut butter and banana sandwiches, fruit roll ups and granola bars; threw a few sweatshirts in the backpacks; and headed up to Breckenridge.  What is it about that place that so speaks to me and Larry?  When we were out here two winters ago on vacation, it whispered, "Move, just one more time, c'mon, do it; there are lots of Jews in Denver; and you really can live your daily life somewhere this beautiful."  And since the moving van arrived here a month or so ago, it has been calling, "C'mon, you're here now, and you need your own little weekend place in the mountains to call home."

Maybe the beauty of Breck brings out the "Kol Dmama Dka" ("still small voice") inside me, and my husband, guiding us towards living our values.  Or maybe we are insane.   Hell, I can't imagine what difference it makes though.  After a quick stop at Starbucks, and a brief review of how much money we'd have left if we actually bought two houses in two months (not much), we started the day by looking at a little cottage 4 miles outside of town.  

And then we hiked.  My kids are rockstars.  Pun intended.  ROCK STARS.  Sure, there was a fair amount of kvetching; yes, we stopped 27 times to have a snack; and no, I do not want to play "I spy" ever again thank you very much, but - they did it.  Uphill.  Downhill.  Over a bridge.  Pick up a stick every so often to swing at your sibling.

I told Adina her new nickname was "strong legged Adina;"  she grinned from ear to ear.  On Sunday morning when Caleb woke up, I told him I thought he'd grown - at least an inch - from all the good exercise and fresh air.  He beamed; and asked if we could go hiking again right then & there.  Ha!  Bye, bye television addicts.  

We spent Sunday morning doing laundry (me), mowing the lawn (Larry), and cleaning up the kids' rooms (group project).  Then we all went to watch Caleb play soccer.  Ended the weekend hanging out with lovely new friends' on the deck of their beautiful home staring at a most spectacular view.  Drank good wine; ate delicious grilled tuna, brussel sprouts, and chocolate cake.  And the kids behaved.




  1. love it. sounds like the most spectacular weekend, till the next time you head Up, that is ;)