Sunday, January 5, 2014

Thank you 2013

January 4, 2014 ... Its 18 degrees and snowing here in Keystone, CO, I just dropped two hardy kids off at ski school, and Larry is delighting in using his brand new, fancy schmancy molded-to-his-exact-size-and-needs boots on fresh powder.  In order to achieve my goal for the season of not visiting the Keystone Medical Clinic, I've decided to sit this one out.  And so, it is without further ado, that I give all of you who I know were oh so disappointed not to receive a holiday card from us ... Becker-Schwartz 2013 in review.

January The beginning of 2013 brought Colorado life feeling gloriously routine.  The kids already had a month of ski school behind them and continued to spend weekends honing their skills on the mountain.  I enjoyed a work adventure in NYC and reconnected with some dear friends from my high school, Hebrew University & Upper West Side days.

February In February, the kids lived it up at museums and the theatre in Pittsburgh, PA with Grandma & Toot Toot Schwartz; we celebrated Adina turning 5 with cupcake and cookie decorating at the Flour Pot; and Caleb received his very own chumash in a beautiful ceremony at Denver Jewish Day School.  I also spent a fabulous 24 hours in Silver Spring, MD joining in on a surprise 40th birthday party for my best friend from high school.

March The beginning of March brought the final sessions of ski school and a Mad Science party to mark the occasion of Caleb turning 8.  At the end of the month, Grandma & Toot Toot Schwartz and the Reingold cousins came to visit and we shared two fun, meaningful seders.  And we took a road trip to Santa Fe, New Mexico to see where the character in a very important book moved when he was a kid.

April We were so excited to have Uncle Brian & Aunt Rachel come to visit in April!  April also featured lots and lots of soccer.

May In May we played with Uncle Michael, Aunt Whitnee, and cousins Mona & Etta in Boise, Idaho.  We also kvelled over Adina graduating from pre-school at the Hebrew Educational Alliance!  And we went white water rafting as a family for the very first time.  And Caleb got his green belt in karate!  And we spent Memorial Day weekend in Estes Park hiking, swimming, eating, drinking and just hanging out with a wonderful group of families.  

June June was BeckerPalooza time.  We started our journey with a few fabulous days with Aunt Becca in Chicago.  Then it was off to Washington, DC to hang out with Grandma & Toot Toot Becker and see Uncle Brian & Aunt Rachel before they headed back to Israel.  We also drove down to Virginia Beach for a wonderful day with Andy, Dee Dee & Brenna, and a reunion with my best friend from elementary school.  Oh, and before all that ... Larry & I had our annual Red Rocks date.  STING AT RED ROCKS!

July Caleb went to sleep-away camp for 3 weeks in July, and I spent the majority of my time checking the camp web site for pictures of him while Adina enjoyed swimming, art, and sports at day camp.

August  In August, we hiked and biked and camped.  On one incredible hike the kids went up (1100 feet up!) and back for a record breaking total of 8 miles and we saw a real live moose.  Friends with guitars who sing Jewish songs made our our 2013 camping trip super special.  And then ... Caleb went skipping and hopping into third grade, and Adina finally agreed to try kindergarten.  And Larry & I were forever exonerated for moving Caleb from Ohio to 10266 E. Fair Place when Marc moved in next door.

September September was about sharing the Jewish holidays with our Denver friends.  I embraced my inner Martha Stewart/Chabad rebbetzin and reveled in opening our home for a wonderful first day of Rosh Hashanah luncheon and a rockin' Sukkah party on the last night of the holiday.  We spent the first days of Sukkot in Pittsburgh, PA with Grandma & Toot Toot Schwartz.  

October We enjoyed a fun visit from Aunt Becca at the beginning of October, and then I joined Larry at a conference in San Francisco for two fabulous nights & one perfect day.  Love that city.  Love my husband.  Love Shanna the babysitter who enabled me to go!

November In November, Uncle Michael (Becker) came to visit and we schlepped him around kid-friendly Denver.  Then it was back to Boise, Idaho for Thanksgivingukah!

December We had special guests for the first two weekends in December - Grandma and Toot Becker and then Grandma Schwartz.  They came to watch Adina perform in "Annie"!  The cutest orphan ever also earned her white belt in karate towards the end of the month.  And then, the icing on the cake to a fantastic year, we went back to Chicago to visit not one, but TWO Aunts!  And 3 cousins!  And an uncle!  It was so wonderful to see the Saba crew after more than a year and I was reminded yet again of  the tremendous gift I have in my sister.

So that't that.  What we did, where we went and who we saw in 2013.  And between it all, Larry worked like crazy and I kept the kids alive and healthy.  Even read them a story or two.  It may not seem like anything special, but I think life is fabulous and I am very grateful.  I mean really, if someone had knocked on my angst-ridden, stressed out over my career head during my 20s and told me about the ordinary days of 2013 filled with family & friends, I think I may have actually breathed a bit.  Maybe.  Well, at any rate, Larry, the kids and I wish you & yours happiness, health and everything you wish for yourself in 2014.