Sunday, September 18, 2011


On Wednesday, Caleb didn't have school so he and I had a date.  Our first adventure, just the two of us, in a long while.  Caleb had been really missing his home in Columbus, and his neediness and acting out were pushing me towards a cliff.  He seemed to like school, karate and new friends, but at home, it would all fall apart.  I was hoping that a little one-on-one time would help "adjust his attitude to the altitude."

We decided to explore the Denver Museum of Nature & Science, and spent all morning learning about outer space, dinosaurs, and the human body with the museum's fabulous volunteers.  We had lunch, and then even had time to chill out at home together for an hour before going to get Adina.

Chance to show off what he knew about the moon.  His mom bought whatever he wanted at the gift shop.  Got to do his absolute favorite activity - play with mounds of plastic crap at home - in the middle of what would generally be a school day.  All was good in the Caleb universe.  Which means, all was good in mine.

"You’re Only As Happy As Your Least Happy Child."

Today (Saturday) was another good day for Caleb & I.  We woke up, got dressed, ate a little breakfast and parked the car at the Light Rail station (Orchard) so we could head downtown and explore some new parks.  Who knew how much I missed public transportation!  And choices - so many fabulous choices - vis a vis what to do on a Saturday morning.

On this glorious morning, we got off at Union station and walked through Commons Park to Confluence Park.  Strolled around, watched the exercise classes on various patches of grass, scooted out of the way of the bikers, gazed at the South Platte River, climbed on a few rocks (the kids).  Then to Starbucks for lattes and chocolate milk.  

Then, to REI.  Ahhh, REI.  Its hard to describe, but suffice it say this particular REI is like a TEMPLE.  A holy place, where you can tap into your deepest feelings and desires, and pray that you have enough money in your wallet to pay for that perfect sleeping bag and tent that are obviously essential to you heading out to the mountains for an enlightening outdoor experience.  Seriously, this place is F-U-N, FUN!  We were there an hour and half.  And Larry could have stayed longer.  Shopping.  He & the kids got hiking boots, and I looked at jackets.  While we were there, Caleb got an invite for an afternoon play date.  We asked the friend to meet us at our house, because we had to be there to wait for our new coffee table.  Yay!  

Caleb had so much fun with his friend.  I love seeing that child happy.  They ran around, played some "six year old boy" games I will never understand, and laughed hilariously through dinner about farting on their bicycles.  Today (Sunday) and this week is looking good too.  He's got a birthday party this morning, a soccer game this afternoon, and more play dates after school this week.       

Caleb misses home.  So do I.  I think he believes me that slowly, but surely, Denver will become that place of comfort and security and happiness that we both crave.  I know he has to go through this moving experience himself, in his own way.  I do hope that I can help guide him by modeling my own openness and excitement to making 10266 E. Fair Place, and all that Colorado has to offer, my sanctuary.  

Til next time ... 

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