Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Caleb: Update on adjusting to life in the mountains

Ahh, Caleb.  My first born.  My pride and joy.  He whose response to almost everything this past August through November was "its your fault, Mommy!"

Yeah, Caleb was pretty upset about moving.  Poor guy.  Columbus, Ohio was the only home he knew.  And he certainly felt comfortable taking his frustration, sadness and anger out on his parents.  Yay.  But as my friend "G" observed not too long ago, I think he has, in fact, finally forgiven Larry & I for uprooting him.

Lets take a look at his homework from this evening.  Why?  Because a Jewish mother is able to find illustration of her son's success and happiness anywhere!  Everywhere!  What better way to show off my son's prowess than by examining his homework!

So.  First, the Denver Jewish Day School first grade Judaics assignment, 1/10/2012.  The worksheet shows a picture of a little boy with a kippah holding up a Torah scroll, and explains what Jews say when we finish reading a book of Torah; we say, "Hazak, Hazak, v'nithazik." Meaning, "Be strong, very strong, and let us grow stronger together."  We are proud of what we've learned and we look forward to learning even more.  The homework then asks the kids to complete the following sentence, "One story I really liked in the book of Bereshit (Genesis) was _____________.

My son filled in that blank with: "the story when G-d created the Earth because G-d made me."

Self esteem intact?  CHECK!

And from the "Sentence Sense" assignment ...

The task was to "write a 5-7 word sentence for each of the words listed below.

"with" - Caleb wrote, "I went to the mountains with my family."
"all" - and Caleb wrote, "All of my friends came to the mountains."
"up" - and Caleb wrote, "Up in the mountains, we have a condo."
"him" - and Caleb wrote,  "I went with him to the mountains."

Ha!  We've got him.  Hook, line & sinker.  "Judaism rocks." Check!  "The mountains are awesome."  Check!  Denver is a great place to live.  I have nice friends here.  My family is fun.  Check!  Check!  Check!

And now its time to delete this entry.  Because Caleb knowing how happy I am that he is happy is sure to =  the quickest route to a conversion and life spent on the couch playing video games that any parent has ever seen.

But I'm going to go to sleep smiling tonight.  I know.  Hazak, hazak, v'nithazik.


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