Friday, December 16, 2011

blog interrupted

Good morning from, oh dear god, Larry's Inspiron Dell.  Yes, on Sunday afternoon, this Mac snob  spilled a cup of tea on my MacBook.  An entire cup of tea.  On my MacBook.

Mug shattered. Computer went black.  I stopped breathing. Really.  And then I really panicked.  Ran for paper towels.   Desperately pushed the start button 150 times.  Then, something productive, I called Larry crying. 
I am married to a very nice, very calm man. 

On Monday evening, I took my lifeline to the Mac store at Cherry Creek mall.  Bad news - they charge $750 for liquid damage repair.  Good news - the Mac repair shop on 8th avenue might be able to fix it for a lot less.  So ... Tuesday afternoon, I went to the Mac repair shop.  If they can fix it, $180.  If not, $120.  And, of course, I'll need to buy a new computer. 

In the meantime, rather than accepting that this was a) just an accident or b) evidence of my extreme klutziness, I have decided to c)  take it as a sign that I need a break from working on work, and am very much looking forward to hanging out with my kids the next two weeks while they are on vacation from school.

The plan is "Becker-Schwartzes Explore Their New City."

And I am going to catch up on the blogging about life in Denver, relaunching a career after staying home, and turning 40 that has taken a bit of a back seat to PR.  Hopefully from my repaired MacBook.

Please hope with me.  And please, don't drink and type.

Talk soon,


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