Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Oh what a week

I've got some catching up to do ...

Lets start with the Keystone condo.  I saw it on Sunday afternoon and ... its fantastic.  Totally exceeded my expectations.  We got a great deal.  Absolutely cannot wait to hang out there.  Lucky, lucky, lucky Becker-Schwartzes.  Of course, though coming "fully furnished" is easy and mostly fine, the bear & moose pillows on the sofa must be tossed.  Immediately.  And no Larry, we will not just use the linens the previous owners leave; we will bring some from "Denver home" or spring for some new "mountain towels and sheets" at Target.  Really?

My parents got to see the condo; and the magnificent drive from Denver leading up to it.  We went through the stunning Loveland Pass and over the Continental Divide.  They'd never been to Colorado, or past Chicago from the east coast, so I was glad they had a chance to see the awe-inspiring beauty that led us to move out here.

Before heading to Keystone, we hosted the final leg of the Denver Jewish Day School 2011 Sukkah Hop on Sunday morning.  I'm taking the declaration from one child that "its dessert heaven in there" to mean that our sukkah was a success.  Caleb and Adina seemed to have fun, and of course, having new friends hang out here made my new house feel a little more like home.

And to back-track a little ... So my parents arrived Wednesday afternoon, and the kids didn't have school Thursday and Friday because of the holiday.  On Thursday morning, we visited the very cute, very trying if you're over the age of 10 and tend to get a little over stimulated by 400 five year olds running around a pretend grocery store, Denver Children's Museum.  The kids LOVED it though, clearly, and it really was pretty fabulous - art area, build stuff out of recycled materials area, blow a huge bubble up around yourself.  Super fun.  Super glad when it was over.  Spent the afternoon feeding the ducks and playing on Arapahoe Lakes (our neighborhood) playgrounds.

Friday was good for all age groups.  We went to Dinosaur Ridge.  I don't know if its just because I do better outside than in, but I thought this place was truly fantastic.  Though without the grandparents we probably would have walked it, I was glad we ended up on the shuttle bus tour because our guide was a funky Anthropology student who knew so much about dinosaurs and was hilarious with the kids!  We visited the Dinosaur Bone Site, the Brontosaur Bulges, and the Dinosaur Tracksite, and got to touch the fossils!  Run, do not walk to this one.

Fast forward.  My parents left yesterday.  Caleb and Adina are in school.  I just did a very much needed yoga class at the fabulous Core Power Yoga in the Happy Canyon shopping center.  I'm sitting in Starbucks sipping a green tea iced tea.  Writing.  Breathing.  Smiling.  Kids are off Thursday and Friday again this week.  Updates on our activities to follow.

Gonna sign off from here, and work on work.  Something new is happening.  Something so very, very right.  I'm really excited.  I can't - or won't - talk about it yet.  Can't wait to let you know.

Til then ...

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