Monday, October 24, 2011

Caleb's art speaks a happy word

I am sitting in the lobby of a Toyota dealership waiting for my BLIZZAK snow tires to be installed.   According to Larry's intense research on the best possible way to keep me as safe on the roads as possible this winter, "BLIZZAK Studless Ice & Snow tires have been shown to stop a vehicle traveling at only 30 miles per hour an average of 35 feet shorter on ice than popular all-season radials...a distance of about two car lengths!"  If you've seen me drive, heard about my driving, or lived in Dublin, Ohio, you know this is a very good thing.  At any rate, I have an hour or so to kill, and there's WiFi ...

Weekend update - - -  After spending 24 hours in the mountains with friends, Caleb walked straight through our front door yesterday afternoon, down the stairs to the playroom and to his art table to make a CD.  He drew the cover - several stick figures in a circle.  Then, a page with the list of songs.  Its hard to read, but you hopefully can see that amongst the titles are: "Noo frens" and "Frends evereawere."  Translation: "New friends" and "friends everywhere."  After showing us the artwork, he sang song #4 - "friends are everywhere, friends, friends, friends, there are friends in Columbus, and friends in Denver, friends in Moscow, friends, friends, friends."

Now I have NO IDEA who Caleb knows in Moscow, but - oh dear god, thank you, thank you, thank you; I just saved a few hundred dollars in therapy bills; he is doing OK in Denver. Also, very important note-to-self: though he's not the extroverted yenta that is his mother, he obviously cares very much about friends.  Sweet, quiet guy.  Those who know you love you so so much.

Friday was an especially great day for Caleb because he got to play with friends all day without leaving his house.  First, "G" brought her son (kindergarten) and daughter over in the morning so she and I could get some work done together.  Then, one of Caleb's classmates came over for a few hours.  And finally, the family we had over for shabbat dinner has a son in the first grade.

And then we went up to the mountains, and stayed with friends in Breckenridge (the Keystone condo isn't ours until mid-November) and apparently, Caleb was happy there too!  Their kids were a bit older, 4th and 6th grade, but they were super sweet to Caleb and Adina.  And I'm fairly certain you can see clearly in the picture to the left that Larry and I are still giddy about where on the planet we've landed.  

And speaking of giddy - I can't contain my excitement - my peeps from Columbus are planning a visit!  They'll be here at the end of January, and will help me celebrate turning 40 (what a weird number to write).  When I told Larry I thought we'd head up to Keystone to ski on Saturday, he asked me, "who's going to drive?"  Which brings me full circle to the snow tires that should now be ready in 20 minutes.  Going to check on that situation.

More soon.


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