Sunday, August 28, 2011

Go Levi!

A lovely new friend invited us up to her house in Breckenridge yesterday to watch Stage 5 of the USA Pro Cycling Challenge.  What a blast.

First, the breathtaking jaunt from Denver.  I think I uttered the sentence, "I can't believe we live here" a dozen times.  I'm not a good enough writer to describe what we saw without it sounding contrived.  Suffice it to say please that it was so beautiful, so peaceful, that every single one of my fears about moving to a new city and making new friends disappeared for the duration of the drive.  I think it was that "there's something bigger than me" quality that the mountains ellicit.  Whether I'm believing in God or not; whether I'm feeling spiritually connected or not; there is something about a more than 3000 mile long mountain range reaching almost 15,000 miles above sea level that makes the crap in my life seem not to matter so much and focuses me on the real stuff.  

My friend's house is adorable, just minutes from a Breckenridge Gondola.  After shmoozing for a little while with more great people (thank you so much S for the warm welcome to Denver; it means so much), Larry and I took the kids up the mountain to explore.  Maze, bouncy house, big slide.  We are successfully indoctrinating the children; they think this place rocks (no pun intended).  It started to rain, just in time, we trekked back down to catch the cyclists come through.

What an adrenaline rush!  And I was just standing there watching.  First the couple of guys in the lead; then the magical swoosh of a hundred bicycles and bodies in motion.  Caleb and I made a run for it to catch them at the finish line.  If ever I was inspired to get my tush on a bike ...    

Some more shmoozing; a snack; time to head home.  A quick stop in Frisco for dinner.  Kids asleep in the car; a romantic moment for a couple giddy about a new adventure.  Or starved for oxygen.  Whichever.  I like it.  I think we're going to stay.


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