Sunday, February 19, 2012

Mile High on Green Tea

A Becker Impact LLC update:  In the early hours of the morning before the kids woke up, in between meetings, in between dinner and bath-time, and after the kids were asleep, I wrote and submitted the first Becker Impact proposal.  And then the second.  And I plan on creating the opportunities to keep them coming.  So please keep your fingers crossed, send good vibes, pray, whatever it is that you do to try and help out a chick who is starting her own business and eager to secure that first big client.

Weekdays, while the kids are at school, I continue to at least look like a very busy professional. Apparently, I am good at networking.  I kinda knew this already; now its confirmed.  I occasionally meet people in their offices. But most mornings and afternoons you will find me in one of Denver's charming, funky, work-friendly coffee houses.  Talking to presidents and communications directors and VPs of public policy/affairs of nonprofits and foundations about their organizations.  Shmoozing with other communications consultants, lobbyists, and fundraising specialists about collaboration.  Sending emails introducing myself and Becker Impact and asking someone to meet and caffeinate with me.

I am learning.  Getting to know nice, smart, interesting people.  Feeling confident and hopeful, and insanely vulnerable.

Will all this professional yenta-ing work to get me work?  I hope so.  I read this on another communications strategist's blog: "Networking is a marathon sport.  Its hundreds or thousands of small interactions that eventually culminate in powerful connections being made.  The more dots you put in your network via meetings and conversations, the more likely you'll be able to make connections between those dots in the future."  (click here to read the whole piece:

Add the seriously major benefit of discovering all the best places to drink green tea*, eat a mixed berry muffin and work, or hang out, read a magazine, play on the internet, and people-watch, and its really been a productive couple of months  There are some truly fantastic coffee houses in Denver.

Larry and "G" have suggested that I write a coffee table book about all these delightful places.  Love the idea.  In the blog world, you can find a comprehensive list at  And from yours truly, a quick list with links to my favorites.  (Plus a little shout-out to good 'ole Starbucks because I frequent about a dozen Greater Denver locations, sometimes 2 or 3 in one day).

Fluid Coffee Bar
St. Mark's Coffee House
Common Grounds
Wash Perk
Taza de Cafe

Wake up.  Enjoy.  Get to know someone new.


*About a month ago, after a hell of a lot of cups of coffee, my stomach started to rebel.  I have therefore, for at least most of the time, happily made the switch to the kinder and gentler tea.  

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