Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Why Denver? Why Now?

The top 3 reasons I am in the midst of packing up my family to move to Denver, Colorado are 1) the Rocky mountains, 2) constant sunshine, and 3) the vibrant Jewish community there.  Since we got together eight years ago, my husband & I have been talking about where we could have a truly active, outdoor lifestyle.  We're also committed to a rich Jewish life.  So, we researched, and we visited, and we ranked Denver as the #1 city to raise our family.

Then Larry went skiing (well, to a conference) and got a job there.  He starts September 1.  We found the right schools for the kids (Caleb, 6, and Adina, 3).  We bought a great house, in a neighborhood that smells like pine, minutes from a state park.  Check it out - Englewood, CO.

(Thats the 4 of us in Keystone a couple of weeks ago.  We're taking a break from house hunting.)  

The movers are scheduled to pack up our current home in Columbus, Ohio on August 9, and they’ll hit the road with our stuff the next day.  The four of us, plus our sweet dog Nudge, will then pile into our hybrid Highlander and follow them.  And by August 15, we hope to be opening the doors to our new home in Colorado, and then heading to REI to gear up.

That is, of course, if we don’t kill each other on the 1200 mile trip.

I’m off to clean and pack.  Will be spending the next 2 weeks saying goodbye to some amazing friends, and a fabulous midwest community.  I really hope these guys come out to visit (& ski & hike, etc. etc.!)

Stay tuned for details of our journey across Route 70; followed shortly thereafter by my journey to find peace at the closest Target.

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  1. I love Colorado and didn't know there was a large Jewish community there. I hope it all works out for your family.